Throughout my college career, I’ve taken a wide range of different classes at different institutions, that I believe have expanded my knowledge and abilities in various ways. Attached to some of the classes are projects that I have completed for some of these classes. If you have any questions from this page feel free to contact me and I can help explain more.


University of Missouri – Columbia:                                      

Intro to Psychology

Food & Nutrition

Intro to Philosophy

History Since 1877

College Algebra

College of Lake County: Associates Degree Earned in July 2016 With 4.0 GPA

Financial & Managerial Accounting

Intro to Business

Professional Written Communication

Micro Economics

English Composition

Meteorology with Lab

Environmental Science

World Humanities

History Since 1500s

Spirit of Mathematics

Intro to Music

Business Calc

Intro to Marketing


Public Speaking

Time at Drake: Current Drake GPA: 3.86        

Business Courses:


Organizational Behavior- Learned about how to deal with different personalities throughout the workplace as a manager and how to deal with different situations that could come up.

Management of Operations – Learning different ways to calculate and display information in order to optimize business practices through the management position. Projects completed in Tableau can be sent upon request.

Information Systems:

Microsoft Apps- Reviewed how to use Microsoft word and Excel.

Microsoft Access – Was introduced to the software of Access.

Database Management (Spring 2018)


Statistics 1- learned basic statistical analysis skills mainly through excel.

Statistics 2 – Built on the analysis skills that were gained in Stats 1 mainly around the idea of regression.


Professional Selling- Was given different techniques on how to sell to different audiences on different products.

Consumer Behavior – This has been my favorite class at taken at Drake, as it went into great depth about why consumers do the things that they do in regards to the purchasing process. Consumer Behavior Project

Marketing Research- Learning how to properly develop and analyze surveys to address research problem that companies face in order to generate a grater presence in the market. Final Report Drake Basketball

Marketing Analytics (Spring 2018)

New Product Marketing (Spring 2018)

Marketing Management (Spring 2018)

General Business:

Business Law- Learned different laws in criminal and mainly contract law.

Globalization- Was introduced to different cultures and how they conduct businesses in their specific culture.

Internship For Credit With Iowa Cubs – Internship Reflection Paper  Organizational Research Paper

Business Strategy and Policy (Spring 2018)


Intro to Finance – Learning various financial processes like calculating stock/bond prices, ratios, financial statements, and many other corporate values. Final Project Instructions (EXCEL Portion) Final Project (WORD Portion) Final Project


Professional Communication 21st Century

Website Design – Learning how to create quality websites using HTML, CSS, and WordPress. Project in this class is this Website

Graduation in May 2018